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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Why another one?

I'm creating this blog for space reasons, mostly. I want to have a sort of living, active archive of my speeches, sermons and some of my more favorite lessons.

My regular blog, left cheek, a word-play turn on Jesus' answer to wrath has so much going on it already. I have a feeling that most of my regulars aren't in a postion to have to suffer a three page outline on any sort of basis. This way, if they or anyone else so desires, they may be able to peruse and hopefully, be uplifted, challenged, edified or any of these other evangelical buzz words that basically mean, "Hallelujah! I need to keep followin' Jesus!"

If you desire to borrow any thing here, I only ask that you leave a note and give credit where credit is due (O, and don't steal wholesale. Of course, if you did, I would suggest you lift from Jonathan Edwards, St. Augustine, St. Paul, Spurgeon, y'know, one of the greats.)

Anyway, soon to post.